Wirun Green Tea Powder from Daokrajai Lanna Thai Teas

Let’s get to a green tea product from Daokrajai Lanne Thai Teas. It has been clarified to me that Daokrajai is not actually the name of the tea farm that these products are sourced from, hence the change of name to Daokrajai Lanna Thai Teas.

The sample packet of wirun green tea has been opened, and a small bag of green tea powder is inside. Not what I was expecting, but welcome, none the less. Let the journey begin…

The dry leaves are ground in to a fine powder with a bright forest green color. Very similar to ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha. The aroma has strong scents of fresh cut grass.

The four gram sample of powder was placed in a eight ounce ceramic matcha bowl. Purified spring water was heated to 175°F (75°C). The powder was whisked in the water.

Wirun Powdered Green Tea Infusion
Wirun Powdered Green Tea Infusion

The infusion has a dark forest green color, cloudy, thick, and opaque. The aroma has scents of fresh cut grass and dark green vegetables. The body is full, with a mouth-filling, grainy texture. The taste is rich, with strong notes of fresh cut grass, and lighter notes of dark green vegetables. The aftertaste is grassy, and the flowery essence that is left on the breath is very pleasant.

I am not used to writing such short reviews, but there is not much to analyze in a powdered tea. This tea was very similar to ceremonial grade Japanese matcha green tea. If you like Japanese matcha, as I do, then you will enjoy this tea. It may certainly be used in cooking and baking, as well to provide a multitude of vitamins and minerals, as well as a bright green color.