First Official Tasting Event on 11/06/2013

Please take a moment to read the blog post covering the first official tea tasting event for my new brand, Hē Chá Tea. We were very happy and encouraged by the results!

The Official Blog for Hē Chá Tea

We are happy to say that our first official tea tasting event was a great success! The tasting was conducted on Wednesday, November 6th of 2013, at the Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Company in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

The room that the tasting was conducted in was literally packed with guests, some who had to stand while enjoying the entire presentation. There was a nice distribution of age groups, with guests ranging in age from late teens to mid sixties. We also had a nearly equal mix of both men and women, with a slight edge to men. There is a tea for every taste, regardless of age or gender. The guests at this tasting proved it!

The tasting began with an introduction by the founder, Kevin Craig. Kevin told the Hē Chá Tea story, then elaborated on his feelings in regard to the meaning of tea. In contrast to coffee…

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Blooming Camellia Sinensis Bush

Blooming Camellia Sinensis Bush

My wife snapped this picture of one of the camellia sinensis (tea) bushes at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. What’s special about this bush? It is blooming with yellow tea flowers. Tea bushes do not last long in Pittsburgh, whether outside in a yard or inside a conservatory, so go to Phipps and try to locate this bush. It is in the tropical rainforest exhibit.