Krasnodar Large Leaf Black Tea from What-Cha and Dagomys Tea Estate

Today’s review will focus on the Krasnodar Large Leaf Black Tea sourced by What-Cha from the Dagomys Tea Estate in Russia. You may view and purchase this tea on the What-Cha website by clicking here.

I covered the Dagomys Tea Estate in my review of the Krasnador Large Leaf Green Tea, but here is an excerpt from that review:

“The Dagomys Tea Estate, among others in the Krasnador area of southern Russia, is considered the northernmost tea growing estate on Earth. Dagomys is located near Sochi, Russia, and the north-eastern coast of the Black Sea. The loose translation of “Dagomys” in the Adyghe language is a “cool, shady place.” This name originates from the characteristically cool summers caused by the mountain air currents. Dagomys, and the Sochi area in general, are renowned tourist spots for the beautiful landscapes, including mountains and tea gardens, and sea views. The Dagomys Tea Estate is recognized for producing better quality orthodox teas compared to some of the other estates in Krasnador.”

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The sample packet has been opened, and a sweet and earthy scent is escaping the packet. Let the journey begin…

Krasnador Large Leaf Black Tea Dry Leaves
Krasnador Large Leaf Black Tea Dry Leaves

The dry leaves have a uniform charcoal grey-black color, with reddish-brown stems. The leaves appear to be all medium to large leaf fragments. There are some bare stems in the mix, and no buds. The stems show a two leaf pluck. The leaves are machine rolled, yet are surprisingly light, fluffy, and brittle to the touch. The smell has scents of dried raisins, forest floor, dry autumn leaves, and dry wood.

Three grams of dry leaves were placed in a five ounce (150 ml) porcelain infusion cup. Purified water was heated to 205°F (96°C). The leaves were infused for 4:00 minutes.

My suggestion for at home preparation is to use three grams of dry leaves for every six to eight ounces (180 to 240 ml) of water to be used. Heat water to 205°F (96°C). Steep the leaves for 3:00 to 4:00 minutes. Expect two infusions out of the same serving of leaves, and expect the second infusion to be lighter than the first, but still worth drinking. Add 1:00 minute to the second infusion steep time.

Krasnador Large Leaf Black Tea Liquor
Krasnador Large Leaf Black Tea Liquor

The first infusion produced a liquor with a bright, golden-orange color with a light red tint, clear and transparent. The aroma has scents of raisins, malt, autumn leaves, and wet stones. The body is medium, with a clean, refreshing, light texture. There is a very mild astringency. The taste has strong notes of raisins, as well as less dominating notes of malt, autumn leaves, wet stone, valley flowers, and forest floor. The aftertaste carries the raisin and wet stone notes, and the tea leaves a dry feel in the mouth.

Krasnador Large Leaf Black Tea Infused Leaves
Krasnador Large Leaf Black Tea Infused Leaves

The infused leaves have a uniform dark brown color. The leaves are all medium to large sized fragments. There are some bare stems in the mix, and no noticeable buds. The leaves have a typical soft, smooth texture. The smell has scents of wet forest floor, autumn leaves, wet stones, and raisins.

The Krasnodar Large Leaf Black Tea has an interesting quality that makes the liquor refreshing while sitting in the mouth, and drying once the liquor has been swallowed. The strong note of raisins in the taste blended nicely with the other sweet and earthy notes. There is definitely no need for milk, cream, or other additives, as this tea is quite sweet and pleasing on its own. I would love to experiment on a kombucha recipe with this tea if I had more. While this product is in stock at What-Cha, it is worth trying.

Thanks to the management at What-Cha for providing this sample of Krasnador Large Leaf Black Tea.