Ma Passion Flavored Black Tea from Nina’s Paris

I find passionfruit to be an intriguing fruit. The appearance of the flesh is less than appetizing, yet once it hit my tongue it was among the most memorable taste moments I have ever had. I was not feeling well the first time I had passionfruit in the Dominican Republic, but that did not stop me from indulging in many many spoonfuls of it. Living in Pittsburgh, there are really only two ways to get fresh passionfruit. First, find a website that sells them by the pound and have them shipped to your door, which is fairly expensive. Second, go on vacation to a tropical destination, which is much more expensive. You will not find passionfruit in the grocery stores here. Sadly, eating passionfruit in your backyard in suburban Pittsburgh is not quite as pleasurable as eating in a tropical paradise. Anyway…

As I was considering my options on which teas to review from Nina’s Paris, I noticed a black tea flavored with passionfruit. That was an easy decision for me to make. This review will focus on the Ma Passion flavored Ceylon Black Tea from Nina’s Paris. To check out the recently refined Nina’s Paris website for North America, please click here.

The sample packet has been opened, and this aroma was exactly what I had hoped for! Pure passionfruit. Let the journey begin…

Nina's Paris Ma Passion Black Tea Dry Leaves
Nina’s Paris Ma Passion Black Tea Dry Leaves

The dry leaves have a uniform dark brown to black color. The leaves are small fragments and rolled, consistent with a Ceylon BOP grade, probably from a mid-altitude garden. There are few stems in the mix. There are also blue cornflower and yellow sunflower petals added for a visual enhancement. The aroma is dominated by scents of passionfruit, but the natural scent of the Ceylon black tea can be sensed very slightly.

Nine grams of dry leaves were placed in an eighteen ounce (530 ml) cast-iron teapot. Purified water was heated to 205°F (96°C). The leaves were infused for 3:00 minutes. For at home preparation, I recommend using three grams of leaves for every six to eight ounces (180 to 240 ml) of water to be used, and the same water temperature and steep time as listed above. You may get two infusions out of the same serving of leaves, but expect the second infusion to be significantly lighter in character.

Nina's Paris Ma Passion Black Tea Infusion
Nina’s Paris Ma Passion Black Tea Infusion

The first infusion produced a liquor with a deep golden-orange color, clear and transparent. The aroma is fruity, with dominant scents of passionfruit, and the natural citrus, floral, and malt scents of the Ceylon black tea are light but noticeable. The body is medium, with a lively, mouth-filling texture. The taste has notes of passionfruit, light floral, and light malt. The aftertaste is sweet (passionfruit).

Nina's Paris Ma Passion Black Tea Infused Leaves
Nina’s Paris Ma Passion Black Tea Infused Leaves

The infused leaves have a uniform copper brown to black color. The leaves are all small fragments, and there are a few stems in the mix. The aroma is dominated by the scent of passionfruit. These infused leaves would be excellent to make a cold brew or iced tea with. The taste would be light, yet fruity and refreshing.

I find the specialty of the blenders at Nina’s Paris to be their ability to effectively flavor the base teas without completely masking the natural taste of the tea itself. The Ma Passion Black Tea is another example of this blending skill. Although passionfruit is the dominant scent and taste, the natural aroma and taste of the Ceylon black tea can be sensed. If you like a citrusy, fruity black tea, then this product is definitely worth trying. Click here to be taken directly to this product on the Nina’s Paris website.

Thank you to the management of Nina’s Paris for providing this sample for review! Cheers!