Mao Feng Green Tea from Mount Kanchenjunga in Nepal

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Tonight’s review focuses on the Premium Mao Feng Green Tea from Mount Kanchenjunga in eastern Nepal. After reviewing the white, oolong, and two black teas, I am very interested to see if this green tea has any common characteristics to the other teas. Namely, the rose and cherry aromas and tastes that I found existing in each of the other four products from Mount Kanchenjunga previously reviewed.

The sample packet has been opened, and an incredibly fresh, fragrant, room-filling aroma of roses and jasmine is already impressing me. Let the journey begin…


The dry leaves have a pale green to dark green color, with quite a few mature silver tips in the mix. The silver tips are covered in very fine hairs. The leafs are rolled, and appear to be large leaf fragments and whole leaves with a few stems intact. The aroma had scents of grass, roses, light jasmine, and light hay.

Three grams of dry leaves were placed in a five ounce (150 ml) ceramic infusion cup. Purified spring water was heated to 175ºF (75ºC). The leaves were infused for two minutes.


The first infusion produced a liquor with a pale yellow color and a light jade green tint, clear and transparent. The aroma had scents of light roses, light grass, light nut, and light jasmine. The body is light-medium, with a very smooth, delicate texture. The taste had notes of light roses, light grass, light wood, and light jasmine. The aftertaste was floral and slightly grassy, with a strong jasmine floral essence left on the breath.


The second infusion produced a liquor with a slightly darker shade of pale yellow color, with a lighter jade green tint than the first infusion. The aroma retained the scents of roses, jasmine, nut, and grass. The body remained light-medium. The taste was slightly bolder, but retained the notes of roses, jasmine, and light grass. The aftertaste remained floral, and the essence retains a potent jasmine character.


The third infusion produced a liquor with the lighter shade of pale yellow color like the first infusion. The aroma lightened some, but maintained the same floral scents. The body and taste also lightened some, but again the notes of roses and jasmine were dominant. The aftertaste and essence remained impressively floral. This third infusion had plenty of sweet floral character.


The infused leaves had a fresh, bright green color. The pluck was two leaves with a mature bud, stem intact. Some tips measured about one inch (25.4 mm) long. There are many whole leaves, and the rest are large fragments. The aroma is very fresh, with scents of wet wood, wet grass, roses, and jasmine.

The surprisingly sweet floral character of this Mao Feng Green Tea from Mount Kanchenjunga was very impressive. This green tea has become an instant favorite of mine. The fresh quality of the aroma of the dry and infused leaves is very attractive. This green tea is a perfect combination of classic green tea character with the floral quality similar to Darjeeling teas. It is interesting to see the influence of both bordering countries to Mount Kanchenjunga, being China and India, being present in this specific tea. This is a green tea worth trying, regardless of your tea type preferences.

Thank you again to Niru Trading for providing this impressive tea. Cheers!

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