Tea Spotlight: Mount Ali Milk Oolong

The Mount Ali Milk Oolong is my personal preference of all of the current He Cha Tea products. This tea is pure Taiwan Jin Xuan oolong with no flavoring added.

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The focus of today’s Hē Chá Tea Spotlight segment is our Mount Ali Milk Oolong Tea.

We at Hē Chá Tea are very proud of our Mount Ali Milk Oolong tea. It is the only tea that we currently offer that is pure, unflavored, unscented, unblended tea leaves. This simple fact also makes our Mount Ali Milk Oolong different than many other milk oolongs available in the U.S. Many milk oolongs are flavored, giving them a buttered popcorn scent, and a strong buttery taste. The problem with this is that the tea leaves used are usually of lower quality and most times do not even come from the type of tea bush that traditional milk oolongs originated from (more on that below). The result is a milk oolong by name only. A true milk oolong does not need flavoring to give it a milky, creamy smell and taste.

What is a “true” milk…

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