Tea Spotlight: Traditional Masala Chai

Read about the Traditional Masala Chai black tea from Hē Chá Tea. No flavoring oils here, just pure, fresh spices and orthodox black tea from Assam district, India. This is the only chai that you will find in my personal collection.

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The focus of todays Hē Chá Tea Spotlight segment is our Traditional Masala Chai Black Tea.

Our Traditional Masala Chai is true to it’s name, traditional. How do we know that it’s a traditional recipe? We import this blended tea directly from Assam, India. Our source in India purchases the spices from neighboring communities and farmers. The spices are then hand-cut, and hand-blended with the famously robust black teas from the Assam district. Since the spices are purchased fresh, and much of the processing of this blend is done by hand, there is only a limited supply of this tea for export. Hē Chá Tea is very proud to be able to offer this product, and truly appreciate the relationship that we have began to build with our source in India.

This Traditional Masala Chai blend has won several awards in China and the U.K., and it is gaining international attention. In…

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