Second Tea Tasting Event Success!

Another successful tea tasting. People truly are getting excited over these teas!

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Our second tea tasting event took place on Sunday, December 1st at the Spring Street Cafe in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, and we are quite pleased with the outcome. Despite the busy holiday weekend, at least twenty guests attended. In addition, the people that got held up traveling, or otherwise could not attend this event, requested that a second event be scheduled at Spring Street Cafe, and so it has! The sign up sheet is filling up quickly already.

The guests were provided with some basic to intermediate levels of information on tea, focusing mostly on the products offered by Hē Chá Tea. Guests had the opportunity to learn about the features of dry tea leaves that should be observed to determine the level of quality, as well as the significant features of the infused tea leaves, as the leaves were passed around the room. Guests were also taught how the color and…

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