Another Course Completed … Back to Normal Reviews … Other Notes

This week was dedicated to cupping and analyzing ten teas that were a part of a World Tea Academy course that I am participating in. Now that those cupping assignments and the final exam have been completed successfully, it is time to get back to my normal reviews. Thanks to Tealet Teas ( ) and Easy Tea Hard Choice ( ), I have no shortage of high quality tea reviews to get myself back in to my review routine. Happily for me, having a strong preference for oolong teas, at least seven of the upcoming eleven reviews will be on oolong teas from Taiwan and Indonesia, and the remaining four reviews on teas from China, Indonesia, and Hawaii. I am also expecting another round of Sri Lankan teas to be coming in the near future.

On another note, expect many non-review related posts in the near future. This weekend, the Phipps Conservatory ( has a program for tea rituals around the world which I hope to attend. On Sunday evening, I am attending a Japanese tea ceremony. I hope to become a student of the tea ceremony master, Yuko Eguchi. In addition to these events, my brand of teas is on track for an October 1st release to our initial outlets. It is going to be a busy couple of weeks for me, but I will post as much as possible.

I am looking forward to keeping you updated, and I hope you will enjoy my posts.