My Journey Through the World of Tea Business Begins…

You may have noticed that I have been falling behind over the past few weeks in posting tea reviews. I know you are eager to read about my journey, and I apologize for the frustration of not having daily reading material. However, it is for good reason that I have not been spending as much time writing review posts. I have been keeping details hidden while I considered the best way of writing about my journey through the world of starting a tea related business. The time has come for me to publish some details, as I am only two weeks from a dream becoming a reality.

It is official that I am developing a new line of loose teas for a very successful local coffee roaster that has been looking to get into the loose tea market. The brand name is finalized, as well as the logo. The owner of the business wanted to start conservatively, asking that I choose six loose teas to offer. I was immediately overwhelmed simply by the fact that I had to narrow the world of thousands of great teas down to six. On top of that, I had to pick six teas that will most satisfy the U.S. consumer market. Let’s be straightforward, the unfamiliar tea consumer and veteran loose tea drinkers have a rather significant gap between taste preferences. Yet, the more I thought about it, the easier the choices became. Therefore, the six types of tea have been chosen, purchased, and delivered to the warehouse. They are awaiting packaging.  Taste testing with friends, family, and others has returned very favorable results, and I am confident that our first six teas will sell well, allowing me the ability to choose another six teas in the near future.

Labels for the tea tins have been finalized, and I am sending the print order very soon. I expect our products to be in multiple coffee shops in the Pittsburgh area on the first week of October. I would love to share photos of everything, but until the trademarks are secured, I do not want to compromise anything. The Tea Journeyman will also be acknowledged on some of the packaging and marketing materials. Don’t worry, I will have a personal logo developed so you all do not have to look at my real face constantly. This is not an insult to myself, simply an acknowledgement that people get tired of seeing the same face over and over and over again, and I hope that you will see my products over and over and over.

Needless to say, I am incredibly excited, and have been putting many many hours into this project. As more details are finalized, and trademarks secured, I will begin providing more details and photos. I will leave you with one expression … Hē Chá!