Teaneer Flow Green Tea from Tealet Teas (Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm)

On August 28th of 2013, I tasted a sample of the Teaneer Flow Green Tea. This sample was provided by Tealet Teas. To learn more about Tealet Teas and their products, please click here. This particular tea will be available during Tealet’s monthly auction in September of 2013.

This tea was grown and processed by the Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm located in Nilgiris, India. According to the grower’s profile on the Tealet Teas website, the estates which grow the tea bushes are at an altitude of 2,200 to 2,400 feet above sea level. Since 2008, this farm has been dedicated to only using biodynamic methods to grow tea bushes. The teas produced by Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm are mostly sun-dried until the final drying step, and are not processed on rainy days. To view the grower profile on Tealet’s website, please click here.

Let the journey begin…

Tea Analysis and Review Form

Date: 08/28/2013

Product Name: Teaneer Flow Green

Purchased From: Tealet Teas

Origin: Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm, Niligiris, India

Type of Tea: South India Green

Tea Leaf Characteristics Prior to Infusion:

Teaneer Flow Green Dry Leaves

Aroma: Fruity (dried fruit), Vegetal (fresh cut grass)

Dryness: Moderately Dry. Leaves crack in to coarse crumbles.

Color: Dark green, brown spots, few silvery tips.

Texture: Smooth, dry leaves. No uniform twisting noticeable.

Size, Shape: No uniformity to leaf sizes and shapes. Longest leaf at 1 Inch (25.4 mm).

Unique Characteristics: Leaves appear to have some level of oxidation, whether intentional or not. The brown spots tell me there was oxidation. The smell is very pleasant, and the variety of colors is eye catching as well.

Sampling Measurements:

Amount of Water: 8 oz (237 ml)

Amount of Tea: 3 grams

Tea Liquor Evaluation

First Infusion:

Teaneer Flow Green 1st Infusion

Water Temperature: 175°F (80°C)

Steep Time: 1 Minute and 0 seconds

Aroma: Fruity (grape & cherry), Vegetal (fresh cut grass).

Color: Gold. Clear. Transparent.

Taste: Fruit (cherry and grape), Vegetal (spinach) are the three most apparent tastes. A very mild astringency. Body is smooth with a pleasant lightly fruity aftertaste.

Comments: This is a very mild and fruity green tea, with less astringency than most Chinese and Japanese varieties. The aroma is delicate and sweet smelling.

Second Infusion:

Teaneer Flow Green 2nd Infusion

Water Temperature: 160°F (71°C)

Steep Time: 1 Minute and 0 seconds.

Aroma: Fruity (Dried fruit, raisin), lightly cherry.

Color: Lighter golden. Clear. Transparent.

Taste: Lighter overall than the 1st infusion, but the fruity grape and cherry flavors were still apparent, with a lighter fresh spinach note. Body was slightly lighter.

Comments: I should have just kept the water temperature at 175°F (80°C). I lowered the temperature to see if I could pull more of the subtle flavors out, but ended up just pulling less taste all together. I will stick with the higher temperature for the 3rd infusion. Anyway, the taste was still good, just lighter, but that was my fault more than the teas.

Third Infusion:

Teaneer Flow Green 3rd Infusion

Water Temperature: 175°F (80°C)

Steep Time: 1 Minute and 15 seconds.

Aroma: Fruity (dried fruit, raisin).

Color: Light gold. Slightly darker than 2nd infusion. Clear. Transparent.

Taste: Light fruit (grape, cherry, raisin), Very light spinach. Lighter body and less aftertaste.

Comments: Light taste, similar in body and strength to the 2nd infusion. Higher water temperature did make the 3rd infusion strong enough to taste as good as the 2nd infusion. I would not expect a fourth infusion to be worthwhile.

Tea Leaf Characteristics After Infusions:

Teaneer Flow Green Infused Leaves

Color: Mixture of fresh green and brown leaves. Brown stems.

Aroma: Fruity (raisins), Earthy (wet leaves).

Size, Shape: Some full leaves, but mostly fragments. Some bare stems. Pluck appears to be one to two leaves. Not much uniformity in shape or size.

Unique Characteristics: Pleasant aroma, a fresh leaf look, more durability than expected. A fourth infusion may be possible.

Final Comments: The Teaneer Flow Green is a unique, flavorful, and high quality tea. For the tea drinkers, or future tea drinkers, who do not care for the astringency of other green teas, this tea could be a good solution. Along with the fruity flavors that are most abundant, there is a level of vegetal (spinach) taste and aroma that certainly gives this tea a green character. The brown spots that are obvious on the leaves signal that some oxidation occurred during the processing of these leaves, which puts the true classification of this tea in to question. Regardless, the taste is very pleasant and high quality. This will be a pleasing tea to the novice and the veteran drinkers alike. As always, since this tea is a break from the usual Chinese and Japanese green teas, I would highly recommend it to anyone. It’s an opportunity to journey in to a new region of green tea.