Jushang Oolong from Tealet Teas (Goe Tea)

On August 25th of 2013, I tasted a sample of Jushang Oolong tea. This sample was provided by Tealet Teas. To learn more about Tealet, please visit their website here.

This particular sample of oolong tea is sourced by Tealet Teas from the Goe Tea farm in Jushang Nantou, Taiwan. According to Tealet’s grower profile on Goe Tea, the Goe family has been growing and producing oolong teas for hundreds of years on their family tea farm. You may view Tealet’s grower profile on the Goe family here. Unlike the majority of high mountain oolongs from Taiwan, which are usually lightly oxidized, this particular oolong is more heavily oxidized. Highly oxidized oolongs are a personal favorite of mine, so let’s get to the review.

Tea Analysis and Review Form

Date:  08/25/2013

Product Name:  Jushang Oolong

Purchased From: Tealet Teas

Type of Tea:  Formosa Oolong (Taiwan)

Origin:  Goe Tea in Jushang Nantou, Taiwan.

Tea Leaf Characteristics Prior to Infusion:


Aroma:  Roasty, char, robust. Great aroma.

Dryness:  Very dry, but the density of the rolled leaves makes them difficult to break or crumble. Once broken, the leaf very coarsely crumbles.

Color:  Dark greenish-brown to brown. Some lighter green spots.

Texture:  Most rolled balls feel smooth, but some are rigid. Very dense and dry feel.

Size, Shape, Length:  Mostly tightly rolled round balls. Size of balls range from that of a small corn kernel to a kidney bean.

Unique Characteristics: The rolled balls are extremely tightly rolled and dense. The aroma is very pleasantly roasty, almost bakey, and charred. The tea is noticeably oxidized to a higher level.

Sampling Measurements:

Amount of Water:  8 oz  (227 ml)

Amount of Tea:  5 grams

Tea Liquor Evaluation:

First Infusion:


Water Temperature:  190ºF  (87.78ºC)

Steep Time:  1 Minute and 30 seconds

Aroma:  Rich, room filling baked and roasty aroma. An orchid floral scent is apparent also. This is a beautifully well rounded and layered aroma.

Color:  Golden-yellow. Clear, transparent.

Taste:  Roasted nuts is strong, with orchid floral and sweet toffee notes. Smooth, almost buttery, and mouth filling feel. Roasted nuts and orchid aftertaste.

Comments:  This first infusion is absolutely incredible. The layers in the aroma and taste were very apparent and unique. A great balance of roasty, char, sweet, and floral notes. This is a perfect example of why I love higher oxidized oolongs. Awesome tea.

Second Infusion:


Water Temperature: 190ºF  (87.78ºC)

Steep Time: 1 Minute and 30 seconds

Aroma:  Roasted nuts, orchid. Aroma maintains rich and room filling aroma. Amazing.

Color:  Golden-yellow.  Clear, transparent. If anything, the color is slightly darker than the 1st infusion.

Taste:  Roasted nuts is still the strongest flavor. Orchid floral notes are slightly stronger. Sweet toffee taste is the same or slightly stronger. Smooth, almost buttery, and mouth filling feel. This infusion had a better balance of tastes. Aftertaste was more floral and toffee, and less roasted nuts.

Comments: Overall, I liked this 2nd infusion a little more than the 1st. The balance of tastes was better, and the orchid and toffee notes stood out more. I continue to be amazed by this tea.

Third Infusion:


Water Temperature: 190ºF  (87.78ºC)

Steep Time:  1 Minute and 30 seconds

Aroma:  Roasted nuts,  orchid. Maintains a strong aroma, slightly lighter than 1st and 2nd. Still a great aroma.

Color:  Lighter golden-yellow. Clear, transparent.

Taste:  A lighter overall taste than the aroma portrays. However, still quite tasteful. The roasted nut taste is still the most noticeable. The orchid and toffee notes are lighter, but still apparent. Body and mouth feel are lighter, as well as the aftertaste.

Comments:   The aroma was strong, but the taste was lighter than expected. The taste was still very good, and I would expect one or two additional infusions to be possible.

Tea Leaf Characteristics After Infusions:



Color:  Uniform dark green leaves with brownish-red edges.

Aroma:  Fresh wet leaves, light char and floral fragrance.

Size, Shape, Length:  Many nice fully intact leaves from 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) to 1.75 inches (44.5 mm) in length. Some clippings and bare stems.

Unique Characteristics:  This tea had a nice amount of fully intact and fairly large leaves. The edges of the leaves were nicely brownish-red. The durability of the leaves is more delicate than I expected, leading me to believe that a fourth infusion may be possible, but none further.

Final Comments:  I am truly impressed with this tea. The taste profile was well rounded and layered. The aroma of the dry leaves and liquor filled the room with a great roasty smell. The infused leaves were nicely shaped and sized, with a uniform color on the edges of the leaves. This tea was a perfect example of why I love higher oxidized oolongs. I will be keeping a close eye on this auction next week. I would love to add this tea to my personal collection, and be able to offer it to customers to open their eyes to the beautiful world of higher oxidized oolongs. Thank you for offering this tea, Tealet. This is another awesome product.

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