Spring White Tea from Tealet Teas (Hawaii Rainforest Tea)

On August 23rd of 2013, I tasted a sample of Spring White Tea. This sample was provided by Tealet Teas. For more information on Tealet Teas, please visit their website here.

This particular sample of Spring White Tea was sourced from Hawaii Rainforest Tea in Kurtistown, Hawaii. The owner of the farm, Mr. Bob Jacobson, grows four varietals of camellia sinensis and camellia assamica and blends these four types to make this white tea. All tea plants are grown on Mr. Jacobson’s land using organic fertilizers. To view Tealet’s profile on Hawaii Rainforest Tea, please click here.

Now, on to the review. Note: This review will follow a slightly different format, as this is the first review posted on the WordPress platform using a tablet.

Date: 08/23/2013

Product Name:  Spring White

Purchased From:  Tealet Teas

Origin:  Hawaii Rainforest Tea, Kurtistown,  Hawaii, United States of America

Type of Tea: White

Leaf Characteristics Prior to Infusion:


Aroma: Sweet (honey), floral, dried fruit.

Dryness:  Moderately dry. Cracks easily, but little to no crumbling.

Color:  Light to dark green, brown, and silver tips.

Texture:  Smooth. No rigid sides or edges. Leaves are not twisted or rolled.

Size, Shape, and Length:  Many full leaves and buds are present. Some breakage. Average length of leaves is about 1 inch (25.4 mm). Leaves are not rolled or twisted. Appears to be one leaf with bud on shoots.

Unique Characteristics:  The dry leaves are beautiful,  with almost a shiny quality. The array of colors is eye catching as well.

Sampling Measurements:

Amount of Water:  12 oz (341 ml) of filtered tap water

Amount of Tea:  5 grams

Tea Liquor Evaluation

First Infusion:


Water Temperature:  175ºF  (79.4ºC)

Steep Time:  3 Minutes and 0 seconds

Aroma:  Floral, fruity.

Color:  Golden-yellow. Clear, transparent.

Taste:  Floral (orchid), honeylike sweetness. Slight earthy hints. Delicate and smooth mouth feel. No bitterness. Light aftertaste.

Comments:  Very fresh sweet and floral taste. You can really taste the environment that this tea was grown in. This is a perfect example of how tea can absord the tastes of the plants living around it.

Second Infusion:


Water Temperature:  175ºF  (79.4ºC)

Steep Time:  3 Minutes and 0 seconds

Aroma:  Floral, dried fruit, slight honey.

Color:  Golden-yellow. Clear, transparent.  No difference from 1st infusion.

Taste:  Floral (orchid), sweet (honey), earthy, delicate and smooth feel. No bitterness. Light aftertaste.

Comments:  Very little to no difference in aroma, color, or taste between first and second infusion. High quality second infusion.

Third Infusion:


Water Temperature:  175ºF  (79.4ºC)

Steep Time:  3 Minutes and 30 seconds

Aroma:  Lighter overall. Floral, dried fruit, honey. Very pleasant, yet light.

Color:  Golden-yellow,  slightly duller than 1st and 2nd infusions. Clear, transparent.

Taste:  Lighter overall. Floral (orchid), honey, and dried fruit. Delicate and smooth. No bitterness.  Very light aftertaste.

Comments:  The third infusion was noticeably lighter, despite slightly longer steep time. However, the taste was still very pleasant, and I believe a fourth infusion could produce a worthy cup.

Leaf Characteristics After Infusions:


Color:  Mostly uniform brown with some lively green leaves.

Size, Shape, Length:  Many whole leaves with bud attached. Some fragments. Average length of shoots with leaf and bud is 1 inch (25.4mm).

Unique Characteristics:  It is easy to see the difference in the leaves from the different tea varietal bushes that were used to make this tea. Some leaves are noticeably larger with longer and thinner buds. The look of the infused leaves is similar to a Darjeeling. The leaves are very durable and strong, leading me to believe that additional infusions are possible.

Final Comments: The taste of this white tea was easy to differentiate from its Chinese counterparts, and very similar in look to some of the lightly processed Darjeeling first flush teas. The taste and aroma were very enjoyable, and persisted through all three infusions. This is certainly a unique tea in many positive ways. I cannot really think of any negative aspects of this review. Another great tea from Tealet Teas and Hawaii Rainforest Teas.